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Carpentry and Joinery

Skirting Boards, Door Surrounds, Trims and Shelving

It won’t be too strong if we say that one recognizes the professional renovation or refurbishment job by the details – the final touch. Doing the door surroundings, trims and shelving, as well as skirting boards, is a challenging job for every professional since it demands a lot of attention and steady hand, something which Chesterfield Property Maintenance have proven to possess for the years of working on all types of home improvement tasks and projects.

People often tend to underestimate these types of finalizing activities to a general building and improvement services. To provide a quality service in finalizing the internal renovation a number of professional tools are needed, apart from many specific skills, most of them coming with the years of experience. Twisted door surrounds, curved and wry trims and shelving can be annoying if seen at your own apartment or house, so bear in mind that it is always better to hire a professional building service provider than to give up on your cosy and nice looking home environment.

Framing Walls and Partitions

The modernization and renovation of a house or apartment often calls for major reconstruction, including moving a wall to a new place. There are a lot of details to be considered, including, but not limited to laying out of wirings, power outlets, considering the thickness and filling of the wall in terms of acoustics and durability.

The good framing comes with knowing the appropriate and quality materials, something that Chesterfield Property Maintenance is absolutely familiar with. My wide spectrum of work gives me the chance to use different materials and to pick up and propose solutions which are suitable for each and every individual case.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has become the first choice for many households and offices in recent years. It has several advantages, the most outstanding of which is the look – laminate flooring resembles hardwood or stone flooring, but is achieved with less expense for comparable durability and design.

Apart from the buying price, laminate flooring is much easier and faster to install, which is also important in some cases. Chesterfield Property Maintenance has worked with all types of laminate flooring, performing the service for both houses and office premises. Below we have mentioned some of the characteristics that might influence your choice of laminate flooring include:

  • Costs for material and installation - Generally speaking, laminate flooring is cheaper and easier to install than hardwood flooring. Of course there are exceptions to this rule and price in both cases is dependent of the quality of the material.

  • Durability - Most types of laminate flooring is perfect for high-traffic areas and homes with pets, for it is scratch-resistant, durable and easy to clean. It often comes with at least a 10-year warranty, which is difficult to find for hardwood flooring.

  • Noise - Laminate flooring does not absorb sound well and can have a hollow sound when you walk on it.

  • Design - Colour and sheen of laminate flooring are limited to the manufacturer’s palette and are not customizable by finishing varnish as hardwood flooring.

Built in Wardrobes

Built in wardrobes provide considerably more storage space than their freestanding cousins - and properly designed built in wardrobes can prove to be most cost effective than freestanding wardrobes.

A general advantage of the built in wardrobes is the fact that most often they are designed especially for you and your home. Built in wardrobes are customized as to fit the space that is available in your house and the design, doors and internal allocation is totally up to you and your interest.

Chesterfield Property Maintenance have fulfilled a great number of orders for built in wardrobes and therefore we could also advice you on the type of mechanisms and materials available out there. Sliding or opening doors, full frame or just closing – we can do the built-in wardrobe to best suit your needs.

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